Walfred Photography

Flat Iron Building – New York City

Flat Iron Building

The Flatiron Building is one of the most photographed early-period skyscrapers in the world. I thought about cropping it and give it a more narrow composition, but I left it as it is. I thought the unique architecture is better emphasized by including a hint of how unusual it actually is compared to the nondescript neighboring buildings. New Yorkers seem to eschew all the camera-wielding tourists that clog up their sidewalks – I was with my family who had already endured countless stops so that I could take this, that and the other with my iPhone. My weekend family holiday was shared with #UDphoneography! Let’s just say, me and my artistic pursuits were slowing down the pace, so I took this on the quick, from a low perspective. The original is below. I edited the photo in Snapseed and added a HDR filter at about 30% to make the sky pop and which also helped emphasize the building’s detail. It gave the image an old-world postcard look. I cropped it square for Instagram, but in the square format, it lost some punch! I now know how to upload original photo sizes to Instagram! The lower third of the picture is interesting. With the filter, a pop of orange can be seen on the left, a water tower just next to the orange structure, and on the bottom right, a hint of a green street sign. The ornate first floors provided a good weight or foundation for the photograph, as compared to the openness of the sky. These details would have been lost without Snapseed’s HDR filter.

Flat Iron original

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