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In Transit

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In Transit
Last summer, 2014, my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, and one of the gifts he indulged me (it was my idea) was to take a late afternoon tour on the Kalmar Nyckel. a stunning reproduction of a 17th century Dutch ship known as a Pinnace.

The Dutch settled in Lewes, Delaware in the early 1600s – and fortunate to live near the town, we all enjoy watching the Kalmar Nyckel arrive here in the summer. It docks near Cape Henlopen State Park where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent to the Cape May – Lewes Ferry.

Our three hour tour returned to Lewes at 7 p.m. Close to what is known as the magic hour by photographers. I had brought along my Nikon D7100 with a large 18-300mm lens. It was heavy and cumbersome to carry around on the small, tall ship, which was full of other touring customers.

As luck would have it, this last scene was bathed with the warmth of a setting sun, low winds, which kept the waters still, but made the sailing part somewhat challenging, and a ferry boat, returning from its trip to Cape May, New Jersey.

The juxtaposition of old and new is poignant. The two ships share a span of history and commerce for our region. The pristine waters of Delaware Bay are indicative of the pride Delawareans feel about our coastal town and waterways.

But I wish I hadn’t brought that bulky camera. Yes I got some dolphin shots with the longer lens, but It turns out I didn’t need it.

The memorable photo came from my iPhone 5. Slightly enhanced with a 20 percent HDR filter which pumps up the saturation.

Here’s what the photo looked straight from my phone with absolutely no enhancements or app filtering. I like it just as much, and depending on my mood, sometimes more than the other version.

Two Ships

The shot was an afterthought. I relied on the Nikon to do the heavy work. As we walked toward the parking lot, I told my husband, “Wait! I want to take a picture to Tweet!”

Below is the scene shot from the Nikon. I shoot in Raw + JPEG so I know I could have done a lot of post-processing, but I was so thrilled with the iPhone shot, I didn’t see the need to bother.

Two ships Nikon

Now I have traveled on both ships! We honeymooned in Cape May and took the ferry back to Lewes, where we did not live at the time, but soon made the town our home.

I recommend the sailing tour on both, and especially the Kalmar Nyckel. Here’s a link to more Kalmar Nyckel photos on my Flickr site.

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