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Fun with photo apps

Most of the pictures I post are unaltered, except for perhaps a black and white filter. I do enjoy experimenting with photo apps and have installed many on my iPhone and iPad. My favorite apps are Snapseed, Waterlogue and Tangledfx. Here’s how they work! 


Original photo of blueberries growiing in Delaware. No filter or effects


Edited in Snapseed with 40% HDR. The filter pops the texture and slightly increases saturation



Waterlogue “Natural” filter from original photo


Tangledfx using “small details” option


Tangledfx applied using the “swirl ” option

Once saved, you can combine many of the effects. Here is the HDR-enhanced blueberries converted to watercolor:

Two effects: Snapseed HDR and Waterlogue

Photo with three effects layered: HDR, Tangled FX Swirl, Waterlogue natural

 Just as an artist may choose to use oils, watercolors, acrylics, or select a canvas, textured paper or barn siding on which to paint, so too, can a photograher use digital tools to emphasize texture, hue and artistic vision. With the options available with these apps, the variations are unlimited, defined only by the aesthetics of the composer.

Snapseed is a free application. Tangledfx is a mere $1.99 and Waterlogue is $2.99 

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