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I don’t travel that often—once or twice a year, tops—leisure and business combined. The man-made and natural majesties of my planet, and in this case, my country, are never taken for granted. Despite my 5’10” stature, it is always a window seat for me and the shade is always up. I am reminded how small I really am and how our vehicles, from this perspective, resemble the ants I so easily and thoughtlessly trod upon. Everyone is on their way somewhere! Some of my fellow passengers close their eyes. Others release their Kindles, laptops and tablets. Me? My iPhone is pressed to the thick, hazy glass. The practice exposes me for what I am—an unabashed tourist, a novice traveler and aviation-geek possessed by wonderment of an experience that will never be ordinary. Keep your airport souvenirs! I’d rather have this record!


Aerial photo of Philadelphia at twilight

The approach to Philadelphia at twilight, taken with iPhone 6, 37% HDR filter applied. It was the quintessential “magic hour” for a photographer, with the setting sun’s reflection upon the Delaware River contributing the eye-catching element


View of Philadelphia from airplane at twilight

The Delaware River and the City of Philadelphia skyline emerging lower-center-left basks in the September twilight apprach from US Air. Taken with iPhone 6, added HDR at about 35% and warming filter using Snapseed app.


Aerial view of Washington Monument

The Washington Monument from the air. Taken with iPhone 6. Cropped. No filter.


Aerial shot of Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial as viewed from my aircraft window.Taken with iPhone 6, I cropped it, but made no other alterations.


The Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool as seen from my USA wing seat. Taken with iPhone 6. Cropped. No filter.


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