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Milkweed Mid-December

Like most of the mid-Atlantic this fall, December has been unseasonably warm, with daily temperatures reaching the 70s. I went out into the garden to see what’s been fooled by Mother Nature (the hydrangeas are being tricked into sprouting spring leaves) and I came across this sole stand of milkweed casings.

Their shape reminded me of small, vulture-like birds whose legs or beaks (I can’t decide which) have become entangled and have died in this garden trap, forced to wither away. I love the form, and the spooky, brown December beauty they convey.

Saturated milkweed

I thought I’d try it in black and white also.

milkweed in december

Shot with Nikon D7100 19-300m lens. December, 2015.

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One thought on “Milkweed Mid-December

  1. wonderful, I prefer the first one



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