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A camera is the best garden tool

I’ve lost count of how many times I have gone out into my backyard garden and wildlife habitat, only to have a surprise encounter with a bird, animal or insect, my hands urgently reaching for the camera or smartphone that I left inside on the kitchen countertop. Rush back in the house.

Opportunity did not wait. It seldom does.

Lesson learned. Replenishing the bird feeder? Picking up a plastic bag that the wind blew in? Retrieving the mail?  Tossing some kitchen scraps in the compost bin? My short trips to wherever always include a quick detour to grab a lens – a Nikon strung over my shoulder, or a smart phone in a pocket before I venture out.

These are three examples of unplanned photos  — images that would not exist without this essential tool by my side.

swallowtail butterfly

This swallowtail butterfly was showing off the minute I stepped onto the backyard deck.

green dragonfly

I noticed something green on my weathered deck railing. Upon closer examination, I discovered this verdant Delaware dragonfly.

More of the Delaware dragonfly!


I was sitting on a patio lounge chair with my husband after work, just chatting up, when along came this male cardinal and sat upon the LIVE garden stake, eavesdropping on our conversation! I slowly reached for the Nikon and raised it to my eyes and went “click,” terrified he would flit away from my movement, which he soon did. Not possible if the camera were not by my side. Be prepared!

Certainly, planning a shot with an interesting subject, in ideal lighting conditions, and taken with special equipment will render some terrific shots. But there is nothing more satisfying than capturing the unexpected,  even if it is only snapshot quality.  Every time I look at these images, I appreciate of the works of art inherent in all nature.  I am privileged to be a witness.


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