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Oh! Oh! Orchids!

I am an avid gardener, but I must confess, I don’t know a thing about orchids. They look complicated and quite frankly, they intimidated me!

While over a friend’s house over the Christmas holiday, upon a sunny window sill sat an orchid extravaganza. They blasted through through the red and green holiday decor and commanded attention. I paid it. These are my first orchid portraits!

My friend confessed these were two Big Box store garden purchases, on sale for $10 ea. Other than an accommodating window sill with multi-directional light (corner windows do the trick) she doesn’t fuss with them too much! 

A small investment for what could be hours of flower portraiture inspiration!

Orchid conversation. Nikon D7100, 55-300mm lens. No processing


This picture was underexposed. Corrected with Snapseed mobile app, slight HDR filter. NikonD7100


Dress me up and take me out! This Nikon D7100 shot was sent through Snapseed with HDR filter, and a little sharpening


Every winter needs a dainty splash of color like this! Straight from the Nikon D7100, no processing

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5 thoughts on “Oh! Oh! Orchids!

  1. The pictures are gorgeous! 🌷 nature is so beautiful


  2. I’m a fan of orchids myself. They are wonderful subjects in the right lighting. Stunning photos, Michele.



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