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Oslo’s Eyes

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Eyes

Cat’s eyes are fascinating objects to examine, and the breed Siamese with their stunning globes of blue, are particularly striking. Cats are harder to figure out than dogs, who so easily wear their emotions with slobbery licks, exuberant jumps, and wagging tails. Cats are cagily reserved and so I peer into their eyes for communication clues.

This is one of Oslo’s eyes, a lilac-point , 4-year old Siamese I adopted after my grandson showed signs of an allergy. Oslo and I had many getting-to-know-you sessions and it took a while before he let me study him closely with prolonged stares, let alone, with a camera lens aimed so close and personal.

This is not the original image, which is a perfectly fine, straight-up macro of a cat’s eye. I decided to run the photo through an app called TangledFX, which highlighted and transformed visually, much of the complexity that exists behind those eyes with Oslo’s thinking process.

He had a lot to assess with his new owner — in his new home. This particular app accentuates the fibers of fur, and added swirls within the eye — an addition I feel represents the swirling thoughts and reactions to his new environment and situation going on behind those beautiful blue eyes!


We’ve become the best of friends!

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2 thoughts on “Oslo’s Eyes

  1. Loved your photos of Oslo, Michele. Stunning choice for “eyes.” ❤


  2. He looks like he’s studying something…like he’s thinking whether he should give chase or not.

    Liked by 1 person


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